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Application Tip assortment made of plastic
Made of plastic.
For exact dispensing of screw fastener.
Inner diameter: 0.84 mm, 0.5 mm and 0.41 mm
Application Tip assort.,mixed, with metal+plastic
Tip made of plastic.
Short metal tip for easy dispensing of super glue.
Long, flexible plastic tip can be
shortened in case of jamming.
Inner diameter: each with 0.84 mm and 0.25 mm
Mixing stand
Mixing Stand
Mixing bowl 6 pcs
diameter: 21 mm
1 pack = 6 pcs.
With mixing spatula, plastic, as insert into
mixing stand.
Liquid dispenser
Volume: 125 ml
Plastic: HDPE
steel cover
For acetone, gasoline, alcohol ect. pump mechanism
operable with one hand, odor reducing
Liquid Dispenser
Contents: 1 liter
Plastic bottle with injection cap for exact apply
of liquids.
Marking needle
Length: 117 mm
Weight: 21 g
With hard metal tip, ballpen type,
matt metal with black plastic handle.
2 spare tips available
with article no. 2302 10.
Tips for scriber, twin-package
Length: 83 mm
Weight: 4 g
2 spare tips for 2302 00
GECKOlensgrip 100 ml spray can
GECKO grip spray was specifically
developed for use on glasses with hydrophobic and
Cleancoat coatings to help prevent axis offset
when grinding.
GECKOlensgrip forms an effective gripping bridge
between the glass surface and the adhesive pad. It
"acts as an ""anti-slip coating"" between the glass"
and the grinder. With GECKO, you can avoid
unnecessary glass breakage due to slipping
The spray also acts as a protective film to ward
off scratches and damage to the sensitive glass
surface when handling. The spray can be used on
both the front and back side of the glass and can
easily be removed again with conventional
cleaning agents.
GECKOlensgrip dries quickly and can be used very
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