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Polariscope 230V
- With illumination via push-button
- Automatic shut-off after approx. 15 sec
-----Technical data-----
Size of test area: 68 x 68 mm
Distance between polarised fields: 50 mm
Voltage: 230 V
Size (w x h x d): 130 x 130 x 175 mm
Weight: 700 g
Hand polariscope GFC
With LED, battery, made of plastic and steel.
Unit will be switched on with a push-button
-----Technical data-----
Size for polarizing field: 40 x 40 mm
Distance between polarising fields: 25 mm
Power: 9 V battery (type PP3)
Size (w x h x d): 100 x 55 x 48 mm
Weight: 180 g
GFC Polariscope
- Comfortable use because of adjustable incli-
nation of the unit
- Suitable for spectacles with high lens curve
- Extra large distance between the test fields
- With lighting inside the metal housing
-----Technical data-----
Size of upper polarising field: 58 x 58 mm
Size of lower polarising field: 75 x 75 mm
Distance between polarising filters: 95 mm
Power: 230 V
Size (w x h x d): 135 x 165 x 150 mm
Weight: 700 g
Fotochromic demonstration unit
To demonstrate photochromatic lenses to customer
We recommend the UV-Test Box 239905 (on the left)
-----Technical data-----
Size (w x h x d): 220 x 125 x 120 mm
Voltage: 230 V
Fuse: 0.5 A
Weight: 1.75 kg
OptiScan transmittance measurement device
It measures the transmittance
of UV- and visible light
of spectacle lenses.
Verification of both single lenses
and complete spectactes is possible.
Small, compact & battery-operated
size (w x h x d): 110 x 130 x 120mm
weight: 860 gr
Transmittance Measurement Device
For measuring the transmittance fo spectacle lenses in the UV-ligth, visible and
infrared light range
Can aslo be used for customer demonstrations
Technical data:
Measurement range UV: 365 nm
Measurement range VIS: 380-760 nm
Measurement range IR: 950 nm
Measurement tolerance:+/- 2%
Nominal voltage: 230V / 50Hz AC
Opterating voltage: 5V DC 0.5A
Measurement (W x H x D): 200 x 106 x 1780 mm
Weight: 1.5 kg
UV-Lamp for UV-Fix Gel
UV lamps for UV light curing adhesives
-to activate all UV curing glues
-UC protection for the user
-continuous operation and time setting 120 sex (with 243000)
-2430 00 with extendable worktop
-large exposure field
Size: 200 x 100 x340 mm
Capacity: 36W (4 x 9 W)
Weight: 1.7 kg
Visualize,progressiv marking reader,batteries incl
To visualise gravures on the back and front
surface of lenses.
Small, compact and battery-operated.
Suitable power supply, art.no. 245001 separately
Size: 90x150x220
weight:85 g
Q-Check Testing unit with 4-functions
Q-Check allows a precise inspection of mounted and
already worn spectacles.
The compact unit combines the following
- Centring device
- Lens engraving /marking of the lens
- Tensiometer
- Surface inspection
Technical data:
Voltage: 230V / 50 Hz
Size (w x h x d): 125 x 190 x 220 mm
Weight: ca. 1.3 kg
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