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Pupilometer with digital display for simple and
precise measurement of the pupil distance.
- Switch to select between monocular and binocular
- Illuminated focal point ensures easy reading
from the corneal reflection
- Large, easily readable LC display with simul-
taneous display of total and individual PD
- Measurement of cornea vertex distance by
switching measurement of PD-distance to
measurement of CVD
- Visibility change-over switch
- Neutral-coloured housing
Batteries inclusive
-----Technical data----
Display: LC dispaly
Focusing: Light circle
-----Measured range-----
Binocular: 45.0 to 82.0 mm in steps of 0.5 mm
Monocular: 22,5 to 41.0 mm in steps of 0.5 mm
Measuring distance can be selected from: 30, 35,
"40, 50, 65 cm
Dimensions (w x h x d): 166 x 63 x 221 mm
Voltage supply: 2 x 1,5 V (type AA)
Weight: 680 g
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