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Marking tool "APP"

The Accurate Point Positioner was

developed to ensure precise and accurate

drill point positioning for the plastic and beta

titanium pad arms article No. 0303.., 0304..

and 0305..


With this device, you can be sure that

the drill points will be level every time.

Set of Spring Hinge Plier with tool and tweezer
Length: 190 x 110 x 30 mm
Weight: 220 g
replacement tool: 1514 56
replacement pins: 1514 58
replacement tweezer: 162700

New Set with the handy spring hinge pliers and
a new tweezer with a fixation for screws.
The pliers clamps just the eyelet of the hinge not
the temple anymore. No scratching of the temple!
The eyelet of the hinge is clamped and locked with
the pliers. This simplifies the screw connection.
The handy clamping tool No. 151456 is included.
Screw driving tweezer
Length: 125 mm
Weight: 27 g
By means of the lock at the middle of the tweezer
it is possible to hold the screw without risk of
dropping it.
Essential when fitting a screw to as spring hinge.
Moving knob at the end of the handle enables an
easy handling.
Screw remover w. 2 Blades
Length: 119 mm
Shaft size: 2,5 mm
Weight: 25 g
plastic grip as 1690 00
blade 1,5 mm mounted in clamping p
blade 1,3 mm in magazine
The sharp edged blades grip the remains of broken
off screws and enable you to unscrew without the
use of drilling machines.
Measurement tool for holes
convinient thread testerout
- conical tips for easy measuring on the lens
- long lasting print
Nylon thread hook
Length: 105 mm
Weight: 13 g
For easy assembly of lenses for rimless frames.
to eject broken screws
- compact and ergonomic tool
- three bushes with different diameter included
Material: stainless steel
Differences to the pictures are possible and
are conditional upon the manufacturing process
Rook Anvil
Useful and aesthetic tool for
the workshop and the sales room.
Protects work bench, table
etc. against scratches.
Robust and stable, made of solid
and anodised aluminium.
Nonskid burden during the
assembling and disassembling of eyewire
hinge screws, frame joints and pad arms.
Height: 80mm, diameter 45 / 80mm
Weight: appr. 300 gr
Spare rubber small for rook anvil
outside diameter: 45 mm
inside diameter: 30 mm
thickness: 2 mm
colour: black
packing unit: 2 pcs
Sleeve removing aid for rimless frames, blue,1,4mm
Small tool which helps to get the frame and
leftovers from the sleeves out of the lens.
Fits for all frames with 1,4 pins and standard
drill hole distances
Dimensions: 75 x 10 x 25 mm
Weight: 7 g
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