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Acrylic Display for 5 Flip-Ups (contents not included)

Empty Flip-Up Display

Holds 4 Flip-Ups with space for frame

with Flip-Up attached for demonstration.

Contents not included

Dimensions (w x h x d): 16 x 33 x 16 cm

Magnetic tool bar ECO
Measure: 500x23x40 mm
Weight: 375 g
Magnetic Tool Bar
Plier stand acrylic
Meassure: 300x165x130 mm
Weight: 700 g
Colour: transparent
Acrylic plastic, with 6 drill holes dia. 10 mm and
6 drill holes dia. 12 mm to store screwdrivers
Plier stand acrylic
Measure: 238x125x112 mm
Weight: 400g
Colour: transparent
Transparent acrylic plastic, to store approx. 10
pliers. Pliers stand No. 1460 19 comes
unasssembled. Can easily be assembled without
Plier stand wood
Mesasure: 220x105x130 mm
Weight: 960 g
Made of beech wood to store approx. 10 pliers
or miscellaneous items
Compatible with 1665 50 and 166450
Screwdriver-Set in wooden block with
4 screwdrivers, screwdriver blade 1.0,
1.4, 1.8 and 2.3 mm, plus 1 Phillips head
screwdriver Size 00.
Plier stand steel
Measure: 180x110x100 mm
Weight: 450 g
Stainless steel, to store approx. 10 pliers
With 4 rubber rings as feets
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