KunoQvist PRIDE 

This amazing collection is a celebration for the Eurovision Song Contest and

the summer of love!

The PRIDE collection consists of three models, available in three different colours.

You are welcome to order the glasses one by one, or if you like, order the specially

designed box incl. cleaning cloths with all 9 frames.

Reorders of single models will be possible when you have ordered the whole box. (For opticians only).

CAMPAIGN PRICE: €50 (500 SEK) during Eurovision (1/6 – 14/8)

Ord price: €69


Each frame comes with a pride colored cleaning cloth, a sun lense

and an oiled lense (window glass).

Please ask your optician for prescription glasses.


Please log in, in order to purchase.


If you need assistance while ordering, please contact our customer service. 

Phone: +46 040 45 65 50   //   Email: info@opo.se

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