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Kunoqvist BLITHNE 52-19

Stylized patterns influenced by the intricate structures of shells and corals. Some colors is accompanied by a polished nose area, reminding us about the jewellery inspiration heritage.

Kunoqvist ELIVA 51-15

Have 3 different pattern effects across the top brow. Some colors is accompanied by a polished nose area, reminding us about the jewellery inspiration heritage.

Kunoqvist ONNERT 50-20

Cut out of Stone. A concept cut from concrete with obvious influences from modern architecture, conscious lines and angles. Front shapes that expresses a modern lightness and with a structure that is surprisingly sturdy. The concept is accopmanied by a custom made spring hinge box that is combined with a acetate temple tip.

Kunoqvist STELLAR 54-17

The last of its kind - the definite edition of past collections most appreciated concept: the acetate-metal combination frames ( Tammaliv, Eowin, Hilja). Stellar takes all the experience and feedback from the earlier models and presents the perfect balance.

Kunoqvist TEATA 48-20

The sisters, Teata and Trimsa, stand out from this spring collection. Inspired by the cell division process and the contrasts and divergence that are not only substantial trends in fashion right now, but also in society.


Trimsa has six angles, Teata is round. They both come in 3 color combinations where the black and white one brings Ying Yang to mind.

Kunoqvist TULIPA 51-17

Pure and True The bare minimum of a KunoQvist frame. Inspired by the smallest parts of life; molecular level details and string theories. VIVELA and TULIPA is the perfect minimalistic jewellery piece; simple, beautiful and pure feminine shape. Colored top rim and an integrated spring hinge with perfectly combined acetates.

Kunoqvist UPPLIV 48-16

The lightest frames in the collection. Removing and minimalizing all parts; even the spring hinge. Instead creating a structure that flexes perfectly. A classic rim structure with twisted temples. The edge of the rim and temple holds a second shiny metal color, highlighting the love of jewellery.

WeSC 221 48-18
Street fashion eyewear.
WeSC 510 50-19
Street fashion eyewear.
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