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Kunoqvist FJUNHILD Titanium 56-19

Multi layered-effect on front and temple; pushing the milling and etching technic to its limits. To make it even more daring there is a pattern across the top layer. Applying the same effect to the temple creating an beautiful step-effect on the laminated acetate.

Kunoqvist HALVFRED 51-21

KunoQvist first half-frame. A molded front piece with a distinct edge across the rim, creating a metal band concept. The temple has a matching effect with integrated spring hinge and long acetate temple tip.

Kunoqvist HOLMFRID 47-20

On Holmfrid there is a double milled line on the edge of the front, which creates a very thin jewelry like step. Colored with either a shiny or second color to heighten the effect.

Kunoqvist KELUR Titanium 53-19

An unisex titanium frame with an etched line pattern across front and temple. The result is a discreet but obvious shimmer-effect when viewed from different angles.

Kunoqvist MOSKAR Titanium 56-20

A classic male titanium frame. Around the eye-rim there’s a milled step highlighting the shape and allowing interesting color combinations. The temple is made from beta-titanium giving the frame a flexible and comfortable fit. On the temple there is a matching step adding more color and detail to the frame.

WeSC 120 53-19
Street fashion eyewear.
WeSC 129 53-19
Street fashion eyewear.
WeSC 216 54-14
Street fashion eyewear.
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