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GFC UV STERILIZER of spectacles (Obs, no exhange/return right )

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Machine with germicide UV lamp to sanitize glasses and trial frames.


Through the utilization of a UV-C lamp with high germicide power it destroys the bacterium, germs,

spores, molds and other micro-organism from the surface of the glasses in a few seconds

Germicide power is maximized due to an internal reflecting aluminium surface and to the way the

glasses are held, that allows the highest exposition of the critical areas (nose and temples) to

UV rays


Before using the device, please check with the frame and glass manufacturer whether

the materials are resistant to UV-C light.

Duration of an application: 30 - 60 seconds 5 - 6 spectacles can be cleaned simultaneously

in the device

Voltage: 230 V 50 Hz

Power: 8 W

Wavelength: 253,7 nm

Lamp mean lifetime: 9.000 h

Weight: 3,8 kg

Dimensions: 34 x 21 x 19 cm

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